ReaSSure 45 Gms

ReaSSure – For Acne & Pigmentation


ReaSSure is indicated for dry skin conditions, Abrasions, Scaling, itching and eruptions etc. Its antibacterial, emollient in treating rough skin, treats eczema effectively & helpful in reducing the hyperkeratosis cell growth in psoriasis.

ReaSSure Cream is quick in absorption, deep penetration and easily washable.

ReaSSure is safe and all ingredients are natural and good for skin.

Directions for Use:

Usage : 15-20 drops mix in a cup from water twice a day.

For effective Glow and control of Acne (Pimples) and Pigmentation add little Reassure to FarySure and apply to Face and massage gently in circular way till it is absorbed.

NOTE: For External Use


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